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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a laser hair removal question?

Born Again Beautifully You has the answer. 

Check out these FAQs

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Does laser hair removal work on all skin colors?

Most lasers cannot work on darker skin colors but our laser has three different wavelengths which allow us to treat tan skin as well as darker skin tones with laser hair removal.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Yes, laser hair removal works by the lasers destroying the hair follicle without harming the surrounding skin. However, it is not safe to laser over a tattoo.

Can I wear makeup or deodorant on the treatment areas before laser hair removal treatment?

Any makeup or deodorant on the treatment areas should be removed prior to your laser hair removal treatment.

Who is not a good candidate for laser hair removal?

Grey hair ​

White hair or no color 

Over tattoos 

Hairy moles

​Been on antibiotics within two weeks 

Been on Actuate within a year 

Cancer that is not in remission or has been on chemo or radiation within the last year 

Active herpes (must take anti-viral medication for 4 days and then they can be treated)

​Sunburn or open wounds in the area to be treated 

Plucked or waxed area to be treated within the last 6 weeks ​

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Our laser has a special cooling system that makes the laser treatment almost undetectable. Most people only feel a slight warming sensation. And with our in-motion technology, our laser hair removal treatments are considerably faster than conventional lasers at other spas.

Does laser hair removal work on all hair colors?

While laser settings can be adapted for different hair colors, laser-hair removal is most effective on dark, coarse hair and is less effective on fine, light hair. The treatment will not work on white or gray hair.

During a pre-treatment consultation, a technician will determine if the treatment will work for you

Should I shave, wax, or pluck before laser hair removal?

It is recommended that you shave with a clean, new razor the day before the treatment so the lasers can better locate the follicles. Don’t wax. pluck, or use any type of epilator 6 weeks prior to treatment as that removes the follicle we are trying to destroy and can interfere with the success of the treatment.

What should I do prior to treatment?

Stop plucking, waxing or using products like Nair for 6 weeks prior to treatment -- only shave 

Stop taking antibiotics (any photosensitive drugs) 2 weeks prior 

Do not use self tanning lotion or sprays 2 weeks prior 

Reduce sun exposure to avoid a burning area to be treated 

shave the area the night before or morning of treatment 

Do not put lotions or deodorant on the area to be lasered

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